Introduction of Royal Institution Singapore to Universities in Zamboanga

May 11, 2012

The introduction of Royal Institution to universities in Zamboanga was a success! Executive Director Helen Molano and Ms. Stella Santor made a three day visit to different universities in Zamboanga to introduce Roy…

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Executive Director Ms. Helen Molano and representatives of Royal Institution recently held a meeting with a famous Philippine actor, entrepreneur, and environmentalist Mr. Joel Torre in one of the branches of his JT’s Manukan in Quezon City.

The purpose of the meeting is to offer an invitation for M…

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Chinese Bizmen Explore Zambo’s Potentials

Mayor CelsoLobregat yesterday welcomed the move of businessmen from China to invest in Zamboanga, stressing that the city is now fast progressing as can be seen in the booming construction industry.

We very much welcome you to Zamboanga as we always invite anybody to come and invest in our city,” Lobregat told the eight-man business delegation headed by HeHongmin of Aimin Real Estate Corporation based in Hebei, People’s Republic of China. Lobregat further told the Chinese investors that Zamboanga City still has no big malls yet like those in Manila and other cities, except one (Robinson) which has already bought a property for a mall. “The problems are the area and the prices of the land because they all want cheaper prices and most of these lands are privately owned.” Another famous chain of malls, the Gaisano, is reportedly opening in the city with its property now being cleared of debris somewhere near Haisan Restaurant in San Jose. Speaking through an interpreter, Hongmin said they came to Zamboanga to see business potentials even as they had already plans to invest in the local real estate and construction industry.…

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