ZSCMST Participants listened attentively during the talk of Dr. Samuel M. Salvador, VPAA of Polytechnic University of the Philippines and Honorary Fellow of RI.

Royal Institution Singapore in cooperation with Zamboanga State College of Marine Science and Technology (ZSCMST) held International Conference on Education and Conferment Ceremony with the theme “Towards Quality and Excellent Educators of the World” at ZSCMST, Zamboanga City, on July 23, 2015. Less than 100 professionals from the academe attended the event.

Guest Speaker, Dr. Samuel M. Salvador, Vice President for Academic Affairs of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Honorary Fellow and Fellow of the International Advisory Council, Royal Institution; delivered his speech on the said theme. He discussed the Qualities of a Global Educator and the 10 commandments of Excellent Teaching according to Roger W. Oxford. After the conference, faculty members of the said school were conferred Fellows and Senior Members of the Royal Institution, Singapore in recognition of their achievements and qualifications as an educator. Award of Recognition was bestowed upon Dr. Milavel D. Nazario, ZSCMST President; in recognition of her invaluable support and contribution to the pursuit of the organisation’s projects and programs towards career training and development.

Royal Institution is considering holding similar conferences and/ or conferment ceremonies in various provinces/ cities throughout the Philippines. The organisation also invites volunteers and nominees as Honorary Officers of various professional Royal Institutes.

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