Four eminent speakers addressed the 4th Global Congress’ theme of "ASEAN Integration 2015: Challenges & Directions on Business & Industry, Education, and Public Administration" during the Royal Institution, Singapore’s 4th Global Congress and Conferment Ceremony on November 29, 2014 at the Manila Hotel, Philippines.

Dr. Nona Ricafort, former Commissioner of the Commission on Higher Education, discussed the impact of ASEAN Integration 2015 on the three sectors: Business & Industry, Education and Public Administration.

Mr. Nhan Nguyen, the Founder and Managing Partner of BDG Asia, from Vietnam, tackled the challenges of ASEAN Integration for Business and Industry. He highlighted the differences in the economic conditions and business practices across the various 10 ASEAN nations and issued a challenge to us all to have global aspirations.

Next, Dr. Ethel Agnes Valenzuela, the Senior Specialist of Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization, Regional Center for Educational Innovation and Technology (SEAMEO-INNOTECH) gave an in-depth presentation on the efforts being made by the ASEAN nations to achieve integration in the Education sector by next year. She explicated on the differences among the educational systems of each country and disclosed the determination of some countries to adapt the educational system of Singapore, the most progressive country among the 10 countries of ASEAN.

Lastly, Hon. Alfredo Lim, the former Senator of the Philippines and former City of Manila Mayor, addressed the challenges and impact on the Public Administration sector. He emphasised that corruption is the root cause of society’s inability to move towards progress, and shared his insights on its impact on the Philippines in particular.