Executive Director Ms. Helen Molano and representatives of Royal Institution recently held a meeting with a famous Philippine actor, entrepreneur, and environmentalist Mr. Joel Torre in one of the branches of his JT’s Manukan in Quezon City.

The purpose of the meeting is to offer an invitation for Mr. Torre to become a guest speaker in participation of Royal Institution for the celebration of 95th year anniversary of Benguet State University that will take place next month.

He enthusiastically granted the invitation and even shared his knowledge about agriculture and awareness to the environment.

Mr. Torre proposed Natural Farming Method as his topic as a guest speaker. Natural Farming also referred as “The Fukuoka Method”, “the natural way of farming” or “Do-Nothing Farming” is an agricultural philosophy of Masanobu Fukuoka wherein he re-invented and advanced the use of clay seed balls which was an ancient tradition. In Natural seed balls which was an ancient tradition. In Natural Farming Method, seeds for the next season’s crops, sometimes with humus or compost for microbial inoculants are mixed then rolled with clay, shaped into small balls and throw it on the cultivated area thus human cultivation of soil, fertilizers, weeding, application of herbicides or pesticides and/or reducing of fruit trees are unnecessary.

Mr. Torre also proudly recommended his independent film “Abong” for the event. He feels that the movie is very close to the people of Benguet that they can, in one way or another relate to it. The movie was intended for provinces of developing nations for them to revive and value their local and ethnic society through an equivalent image media to commercial images that originate from industrial cities and highly developed nations.

Royal Institution believes that Mr. Torre has a potential of being a member of Royal Institution of Management. Supported with four (4) branches of his business JT’s Manukan in Makati, Pasig and two (2) in Quezon City under his belt and a franchise that will open soon in Taguig, Executive Director Ms. Molano awarded Mr. Torre a nomination of membership in Royal Institution of Management.

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