Corporate Membership


1. Academe / Training - Universities and Colleges/Training Centers

2. Professional - Organizations/Institutions

3. Merchants - Companies



1. Must be registered with and/or approved by the Registry of Companies and Businesses, Ministry of Education and/or other government accrediting bodies of their countries, such as ACRA, MOM, MOE, SSM, SEC, DTI, CHED, DEPED, TESDA, etc.

2. Must be a reputable company, organization, institution, school, college or university, etc. 

3. Must meet Royal Institution’s (RI) requirements on quality, types of businesses, education, services, technical skills training or technology.



1. Maintain quality education, technology, technical and skills training programs/ courses, services and the like.

2. Nominate faculty, academic, administrative and management staff, graduates and students for membership of RI.

3. Disseminates information of RI via its notice boards and relevant print and broadcast media.

4. Nominate / recommend deserving students and graduates for scholarship and/or employment.

5. Sponsor at its sole discretion deserving staff to attend relevant RI conferences in Philippines and overseas.

6. Grant privileges such as discount etc. at its sole discretion to members of RI.


Benefits & Privileges

Benefits & Privileges to Corporate Members

  • Global Recognition
  • Global Exposure and links to local and global companies, organizations, enterprises, businesses, etc
  • Global Networking and Privileges
  • Enhance referrals and business opportunities
  • Participation in global professional and inter-disciplinary conferences, summits, forums and conventions to promote knowledge, expertise and technology sharing and exchange
  • Newsletters, SuperNews


Corporate Members

AlmaCrest International College

Tarlac State University

Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College

Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology

Royal Travels Inc.

Le'BIEN Wellness Specialists

Colegio de San Pedro