Royal Institution

Royal Institution Pte Ltd (200307961C) (RI) was incorporated in 2003 and registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) - formerly known as the Registry of Companies and Businesses of Singapore (ROC or RCB).

Royal Institution, Singapore (RI) is a global, multidisciplinary, professional membership and accrediting institution that aims to level the playing field and be the premier platform for smarter and more effective global networking, connecting education, business, commerce and industries and facilitating collaboration, innovation and perpetual learning for more opportunities, benefits, privileges, global recognition and status.

Royal Institution, together with its more than 222 constituent Royal Institutes, creates boundless opportunities for its members to participate in RI global seminars, congresses, conferences and present and publish research papers in RI International Research Journals of Singapore worldwide.

RI recognises the talents and the achievements of academicians, architects, artists, businessmen, chief compliance officers, chief executive officers, chief financial officers, dentists, diplomats, doctors, educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, graduates, hoteliers, innovators, intellectuals, inventors, lawyers, leaders, legal advocates, linguists, nurses, paralegals, philanthropists, pioneers, planners, professionals, researchers, scientists, students, surgeons, therapists, and all individuals who deserve recognition. RI confers on its members a globally recognised status.

Royal Institution is guided and directed by a Governing Council, supported by an International Advisory Council, and assisted by Honorary Boards which comprise of members, all of whom have extensive professional experience, doctoral and/or post doctoral qualifications. Royal Institution currently has a regional office in the Philippines and liaison officers in Australia, Canada, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Republic of Maldives, People’s Republic of China, United Kingdom and United States of America.

Communication and networking are available online through the Royal Institution’s website and



RI was envisioned by the well established multi-disciplinary Advanced Technology and Solutions (ATS) Group of companies which was established in 1969.

ATS Group’s activities include professional Architectural, Engineering, Development and Management Consultancy services, Industrial projects, Real Estate Development and Investment, Construction, Research and Development of Information Technology (IT), computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering, software technology transfer, Human Resource Development, Skills Training, Education and International Trade.

ATS Group, comprising both old and new economy companies, has more than 48 years of experience in real world brick-and-mortar operations and the latest technologies. With an outstanding track record of achievements, innovations, awards and honours from governments, educational organizations and the private sector, ATS Group has made its presence felt in multiple industries. These led to the establishment of Royal Institution and its more than 222 Professional Royal Institutes in Singapore and in the Philippines.






The late Datu ER Professor Dr. Ang Thian Hin, a Singaporean, started his career as a civil / structural engineering apprentice. Determined to improve himself, he attended a 5 year part-time course at Singapore Polytechnic and graduated with a Technician Civil Engineering Diploma. He was immediately promoted to Civil / Structural Designer.

He gained direct admission into the 2nd year of Bachelor of Civil Engineering at the Central London Polytechnic (now known as University of East London), obtained a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree and received another promotion as Civil / Structural Engineer.

Dr Ang continued his quest for knowledge and completed his Masters Degree in Civil / Structural Engineering, followed by Doctor of Philosophy in Impact Engineering at Sheffield University, United Kingdom.

While studying in the UK, he returned to contribute to ATS & P during every school vacation and gained a wealth of work experience.

He is the first ATS & P scholar to successfully complete the full cycle of diploma, bachelor, masters to doctor of philosophy degrees.

He also passed the professional examination of the Institute of Structural Engineers UK and was duly registered as a Chartered Engineer with the Council of Engineers UK and the Professional Engineers Board of Singapore.

The late Datu ER Professor Dr. Ang Thian Hin was never discouraged by his humble beginnings but strived to be the best he could be. Having benefited from the ATS & P scholarship program, he made full use of his local and overseas education experience and founded the Royal Institution. He wanted to share his experience and knowledge and to provide special counseling, assistance, solutions and career guidance to students from developing countries, especially those who wish to explore affordable higher education, employment, business and networking opportunities in other countries.

Despite a long hectic 16-hour work schedule every day of the week as Managing Director and subsequently as Consultant of ATS Group of Companies, Dr Ang found time to serve the community and provide student counseling services. He also served in several Management Corporation Strata Title Councils, government educational advisory boards and town councils.


Mission and Vision


To recognise the achievements, qualifications, talents and skills of all those who deserve recognition and who wants to be distinguished and to continuously provide opportunities to enhance skills, competitive advantage, academic, professional and entrepreneurial status and profiles of RI members.


To be a world class global multidisciplinary professional membership and accrediting institution to level the playing field and be the premier platform for smarter and more effective global networking, connecting education, business, commerce and industries and facilitating collaboration and perpetual learning for more opportunities, benefits, privileges, due recognition, excellence and status. 


The main objectives of the Royal Institution and its more than 222 Royal Institutes are as follows:

  • Global networking;
  • Practicum, internship and employment opportunities;
  • Issue membership certificates to qualified or approved persons or companies;
  • Promotion and development of information and knowledge for excellence in various professions and skills;
  • Knowledge, technology, expertise exchange and complementation;
  • Development and promotion of the status, profiles and prestige of its members;
  • Recognition of the accomplishments and achievements of its members; 
  • Accreditation of universities, polytechnics, colleges, institutes, schools and other educational and skills training institutions for membership; and
  • Strategic alliances with skills training organizations, educational and professional institutions, academe and professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors, scientists, achievers, etc.